Food Safety Audits

Our organization provides compliance audits for our clients to verify compliance with food code requirements as well as with their policies and procedures.

Our Auditing Process Includes the Following:

Observe employees working in all areas of the establishment.

Work along side the employees to verify areas needing improvements.

Take pictures of areas needing improvement and incorporate into an operation manual and training program.

Develop a standard operating procedure manual which will focus on the areas where problems were identified.

Provide training for the employees after the compliance audit or prior to the audit.

The Importance of Audits

The food safety audit is an integral part of your quality assurance program.  Its main purpose is to assure that you are in compliance with the most current regulations.  It serves to highlight areas in need of improvement that are often overlooked because of heavy workloads. A regularly scheduled internal audit can identify problems before a health department inspection or before an outbreak can occur.