Temporary Food Establishment Operations Checklist

This document is for educational purposes only and should not be considered a replacement to reading the Food Code and Michigan Food Law of 2000, copies of which are available at www.michigan.gov/mda.

This document is a modified version of a checklist prepared by the Food and Drug Administration and the Conference for Food Protection. It is intended to be a guide for the temporary food service industry, the Michigan Department of Agriculture, and Michigan’s local health departments.

The checklist is also useful for special transitory food units (STFUs) that operate similar to temporary food establishments.

A “Temporary Food Establishment” means a food establishment which operates at a fixed location for a temporary period not to exceed 14 consecutive days.

Temporary Food Establishment Operations Checklist

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Social Media and Restaurants…what’s the problem?

Foursquare has just over 1.9 million users with  20% of Foursquare users pushing their check-ins to Facebook.  How is it that restaurants and business owners fail to see the value in embracing this technology?

The restaurant business in itself is social.  You greet customers as they enter, wait staff interacts with patrons, the GM or owner makes the rounds to say hello.  You do everything  to ensure an enjoyable experience at your place of business.

Don’t ignore the FREE publicity from these patrons checking in to your restaurant or sharing their experience on sites like Yelp.  They are your digital cheerleaders (sometimes).  Not only do you see what you’re doing right, you have the ability to engage customers who had a bad experience at your restaurant.

Not covinced?  Take a look at how AJ Bombers (@AJBombers) in Milwaukee uses the power of social media for their restaurant:

Where do you start?  As with everything, you need a plan, strategy.  No different than the process for mapping out your marketing strategy.

Who is talking about your business.  Where are they talking.  What are they saying.

Take advantage of the opportunity to engage.

Your to-do list:

  1. Hit up Foursquare’s overview on getting started with their service.
  2. Claim you Facebook Places page
  3. Check for your restaurant on Yelpgetting started with Yelp

I may be preaching to choir on this.  Please chime in.  How are you currently using social media?  If not, what’s holding you back?

Video from Chris Brogans YouTube Channel