ServSafe® Practice Exam

1.  Evidence of a foodborne-illness outbreak is confirmed when

2.  Why are infants and preschool-age children at higher risk for contracting a foodborne illness?

3.  Which of the following is considered a potentially hazardous food item?

4.  Which of the following is an example of a biological hazard?

5.  Which of the following can cause food to become unsafe?

6.  A foodborne infection occurs when a person eats food containing

7.  Which of the following microorganisms is likely to be found in raw oysters?

8. To grow and reproduce, bacteria need

9.  Which of the following could lead to the contamination of food?

10.  Several customers were diagnosed with scombroid poisoning after eating swordfish at a local seafood restaurant. How could this have been prevented?

11.  An employee is preparing sandwiches in a deli. Which step might contaminate food?

12.  While chopping vegetables, a foodhandler cuts her finger. She should

13.  When washing your hands, you should scrub them for at least

14.  An employee at a fine-dining, Italian restaurant comes to work with a sore throat and fever, but still desires to work. What should the manager have him do?

15.  Which of the following behaviors poses a hazard to the safety of food?

16.  Which training method relies on volunteers acting out a script?

17.  Taking experienced staff away from their tasks is a disadvantage of which training method?

18.  For which reason could an inspector close and operation?

19. Wheezing and hives are symptoms of

20.  To prevent cross contact,

21.  Which organization makes recommendations for food safety regulation of the foodservice industry?

22.  As part of handwashing, foodhandlers must scrub their hands and arms for

23.  What should a manager of a quick service operation do if a foodhandler reports having a sore throat and a fever?

24.  To work with food, a foodhandler with a hand wound must

25.  Which piece of jewelry is a foodhandler allowed to wear?

26.  Foodhandlers should wash their hands before and after

27.  A foodhandler who spends and entire shift forming hamburger patties should change gloves

28.  How should the temperature of a shipment of sour cream be taken when it arrives at an operation?

29.  Which bacteria is commonly linked with cooked rice dishes?

30.  Which is a TCS food?

31.  Scombroid poisoning can be prevented by

32.  Which is a biological contaminant?

33.  Jaundice is a symptom of which foodborne illness?