FAQ: Selling drinks at temporary events Macomb County Michigan

Do you need a permit for selling drinks at a temporary event in Macomb County Michigan?  The answer is yes.

Other than a few exceptions, food is considered anything that can be consumed by humans.  This includes beverages and ice.

Even if you are giving away food and beverages you are still required to have food license in Macomb County.

If you require a food license, you can contact your local health department in Macomb County.

You can always contact the Macomb County Health Department with additional questions at 586-469-5236.

Michigan Laws for Non-Profit Bake Sales

A frequent question asked is “Do we need to have a food license to hold a bake sale for our non-profit?”.

The answer is no.  The Food Law of 200 established a new license exemption that affects charitable, religious, fraternal, and other non-profit organizations.

Part of the licensing exemptions covers:

Bake sales or potlucks run by a charitable, religious, fraternal or other non-profit organization and serving only home-prepared goods

This means that your non-profit bake sales is exempt from needing a food license.

Since the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) has the right to determine if you require a license if you feel you fall outside of these guidelines, it’s best to check if you are exempt.

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Food Protection Manager Certification required by Michigan Law

Food Protection Manager Certification required by Michigan Law

Michigan adopted the 2005 Food Code in April 2008, requiring every licensed food service establishment in Michigan to have at least one certified food service manager on staff. The person in charge must pass an exam through an Accredited program.

There are several resources available for operators to become certified.

EnviCare Inc Consulting offers ServSafe Food Protection manager Certification Exams and Training.   All scheduled classes can be found here:  Michigan ServSafe Classes

Local health inspected establishments that must have a certified manager include:

  • All food service establishments (i.e. restaurants, bars, schools and hospitals) except:
  • mobile food establishments
  • special transitory food units
  • vending machine locations
  • temporary food service establishments

MDA inspected establishments that must have a certified manager include:

  • A food service establishment within a retail grocery.
  • Extended retail food establishments.  These are typically grocery stores with a deli and seating.
  • Establishments that press apple cider.  These establishments shall have at least 1 active employee currently certified by passing an approved food manager certification examination or having completed a current approved safe cider production course.