Importance of Education in Food Saftey

Image from Reuters

Education is key to managing food safety in your restaurant or facility.  Assuming your employees know what to do puts others at risk.  Have you implemented a plan to insure that food safety is taken seriously?

It’s amazing the number of employees that come through food safety certification that say they rarely have any training on the basics of food safety.  This is alarming considering that foodborne illness costs the United States $152 billion annually in health related expenses (see story on Reuters)

With these sort of numbers we can be certain that Congress will take notice.  Some food safety advocates feel our food safety system is antiquated.

Certainly this is part of the problem.  Yet when you consider that in most states, a restaurant is required to have only one employee on hand with food manager certification, you can see why we aren’t catching some foodborne illness that could be contained.

The status quo will always be good enough for some.  Where do you stand at your place of business?