Class Overview

Our Food Safety Class and ServSafe Certification Exam is designed to teach all aspects of food safety and sanitation.

Our courses fulfill and meet the food manager certification requirements for the State of Michigan. ServSafe training empowers you to protect against foodborne illness, minimizes insurance costs, reduces liability and improves food quality.

EnviCare Consulting offers several methods of Food Safety Training to meet your needs.

Food workers class with hands on opportunities, demonstrations and participation are provided to train employees on the following:

  • Foodborne illnesses and outbreak
  • Causes of foodborne illnesses
  • Impact of foodborne illness on establishment
  • Population at high risk due to foodborne illnesses
  • Types of foodborne illnesses
  • Types of potentially hazardous food
  • Three types of hazards to food
  • Three ways food become unsafe
  • Food receiving, storage, handling, and preparation practices
  • Food cooking and internal food temperatures
  • Food cooling
  • Food hot and cold holding
  • Date marking of food
  • Serving food safely
  • Monitoring time and temperature
  • Calibrating a thermometer
  • Manual cleaning and sanitizing
  • Cleaning and closing of establishment
  • Typical critical and non-critical violations

Part 2: Keys to a Successful Food Program

This is a motivational session to encourage employees to work together in unity which will improve the profitability of the establishment and the quality of the food safety program.

This session focuses on the following:

  • Discuss how negative attitudes and tempers can adversely impact food safety and the work environment
  • Define the meaning of attitude and temper
  • Discuss the five environments that negatively impact food safety and morale
  • Review the consequences of negative attitudes and tempers
  • Discuss techniques to control attitude and temper which will foster unity, relationships, a successful food safety program, and a positive work environment