Should Food Safety be Mandatory for Every Staff Member

There is no doubt that food safety is critical.  With Michigan requiring that you only need one certified food safety manager, is that enough?

During a recent food safety managers class an interesting discussion took place regarding that question.

The students who were restaurant employees mentioned their concern with taking time off for certification.  The owners talked about the issue of cost.  Both told stories about the struggle to consistently implement standard food safety procedures.

Two examples brought up:

  1. Employees touching money were not washing their hands
  2. Employee touching their face or hair and not washing their hands
  3. Employee has the start of a cold/virus coming in to work

As a restaurant manager or owner, how do you combat this?  If the certified manager isn’t there, who reminds the employees to follow the basics?

It was agreed that the signs regarding food safety did little to remind. After a while it’s just a piece of paper on a wall.

A great suggestion was implementing a regular training for employees (of course WE like that idea).  This is a simple way to make sure your employees are on board.  The next step is key.

KEEP IT SHORT.  Do you like sitting i n 2 hour meetings? Neither do your employees.  Some ideas to keep it simple:

  • Food safety training every other month
  • Train non-management employees to train on food safety
  • Keep it down to the basics. Focus on key critical areas
  • No longer than 20 -30 minutes
  • Give incentives to those employees that teach

By empowering non-management employees to teach the class, you are creating advocates to make sure you plan is implemented.

How are you insuring food safety is a priority at your place of business?

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    I should say yes be mandatory the food safety. food handler’s education is important because it teaches your 
    employee how to provide the best products in the safest manners to
    customers, and as a food service industry, it is your responsibility to
    maintain proper food handling in your shop.

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