Does Michigan Need a Rating Systems for Restaurants?

New York City has a rating system for restaurants.  They are required to post their grades outside their establishment for all to see.  Allegheny County in Pennsylvania has recently established a new rating system for restaurant cleanliness (source).   Is Michigan far behind?

In New York City many of the restaurateurs are complaining about the letter grade system not only because the the grades are posted clearly on their establishment, but because it allows the city the opportunity to give out more fines.  If a restaurant has a letter grade below A, they can expect on average, three inspections per year versus just one.  Of course with each inspection comes the increased likelihood of a fines and violations.

Certainly there are benefits to having a grading/rating system for restaurants.  If a restaurant has a B or C grade, they may see a dip in business.  A patron is more likely to visit an A rated facility.  This gives incentive to the restaurants to strive for cleanliness in order to receive an A grade.  However anytime politics is involved there are unintended consequences:

The new regulations include 14 pages and 27 additional pages of amendments.  Sounds like an absolute nightmare.

Currently in the State of Michigan you can find the inspection reports of a given restaurant on a county website.  Not all counties are posting reports.

But with sites like Yelp, which is managed by the community at large, providing reviews on local establishments, is it even necessary for the State to incur additional expenses to roll out a grading system?

As a restaurant owner or patron do you see a benefit to having a grading system for restaurants?

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